iMattic Lite

Finally an app that gives you up-to-date news about the world of Apple, tips ‘n’ tricks and great twitter integration.

Here is the most recent changelog:


• Users can use the app in landscape mode now (helpful for posts with videos in)

• Corrected extra space in welcome alert glitch.

• Slimmed footprint by having a central resource folder meaning no duplication.

• Slimmed code in all tabs by around 40%

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iMattic Retina

This is a very polished theme compatible with iOS 4.X.X if you become a member you can try it out before it hits cydia.

Here is the most recent changelog:


- New wallpaper

- New icons

- New lockscreen

- More retina GUI

- Retina SBsetttings



Universal WordPress Blog App

This Titanium template gives you the ability to create a universal app, meaning one app that works natively on both iPhone & iPad. This gives users a more interactive experience putting your posts, tweets and other information into a handy app that can be released onto Apples app store.

Here is the most recent changelog:


- Slimmed WordPress theme by around 50% meaning faster load times

- Added layered PSD’s for the WordPress theme

- Tweaked graphics

- Removed some redundant code from the WordPress theme

- Mad a minor adjustment to the documentation.


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About the site

iMattic is highly designed Apple news blog and forum resource. However we don’t just do news, we like to spread our wings and try new things. We also have a highly rated iPhone app available right now on the app store. Along with our app we also dabble in iOS theming and you can find our themes by simply searching imattic within cydia.

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You can find iMattic Lite (our native iOS app) HERE and our themes by searching iMattic in cydia.

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